Why I Love Engagement Sessions!

I love a good engagement session. When we meet for the first time in the roles we’ll be playing on your wedding day, we have a good chance to interact more privately- you get to learn a bit about me and vice-versa… more than anything else, we get to learn how to work together.

When I’m photographing couples, I look for buttons to push to get the sort of reactions that inspire me. I may crack jokes, be self-deprecating, or hassle someone about not wanting to get their feet wet, but it’s all good-natured and designed to encourage you to relax with me. I frequently hear that my sessions were not only painless but fun, even from folks who really don’t like having their photos taken.

Josh and Kristen were fun- we started out with the standard shots (“look at each other, stand here, look that way, take her hand, etc) but I…

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