Some Common and Not-So Common Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer, Part 4

  • What is your main mission on my wedding day?

This is a great question because there’s really no “right” answer, even though there are plenty of wrong ones. A good photographer is (first) an observer. Be wary of photographers who know it all before you’ve had a chance to talk- not knowing YOU means not knowing what will tug at your heartstrings.

“Seeing artistically does not happen automatically. We must constantly develop our powers of observation.” – Eugene Delacroix

Being a skilled observer means that as you talk to your photographer, you’re being heard. A good photographer will try to suss out what you’re going to LOVE about your photos without you even knowing what those things may be. Yes, we’re going to capture your day in stunning detail and leave you as happy as possible with the results- but one goal is…

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Some Common and Not-So Common Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer, Part 3

(If you’re just starting this 4 part piece, you might as well check out part one!)

This is the third part of a four part list of questions to ask your wedding photographer, along with a little commentary about each question. Drop me a line if you’ve got any other questions you’d like me to comment on!

•  What is this going to cost me?

Let’s put it this way: in the context of wedding photography, the phrase “you get what you pay for” holds especially true. You will always be able to find someone to do it cheaper. In this instance, the price should not be your main focus- you should be shopping for a photographer with your heart and your affinities first, and your budget in mind second. Most photographers can accommodate a reasonable budget… you may not…

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Some Common and Not-So Common Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer, Part 2

((if you haven’t read it yet, check out part 1))

  • Are you flexible the day of the wedding?

The only appropriate answer here is “Absolutely!”

A huge part of wedding photography involves knowing how to respond in unexpected situations without being flustered or losing track of what’s left to do.

Unexpected weather can change the timeline…
A DJ (or an officiant) might get lost on the way to the venue (or run out of gas- particularly if the venue is remote)…
Transporting a giant wedding cake is problematic at best…
Buttons pop and zippers break…
A groomsman’s suit might get left in the wrong bag…

Anything can happen.

If your photographer is great, challenges will give them a moment to shine (and put your mind at ease).

which leads us into…

  • What Can Go Wrong (and what are your plans in the event something does)?

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Some Common and Not-So Common Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer, Part 1

Photographers are as varied as the subjects they capture. Some are focused on the details, shooting only in micro- or macro- realms, while others are more interested in the big picture, shooting images from far away using drones or telescopes. Portraitists look for good representations of the people they photograph, while lifestyle photographers fall more into the emotional realm, highlighting the interactions between people as their subject, even more than the people themselves. Wedding photography encapsulates elements of pretty much all the photographic disciplines, pulling from each to fully document the emotions, details, environment, and subjects with a broad-reaching skill set. If you’re reading this, I assume you’re looking for a wedding photographer- I’m writing this with the…

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Why I Love Engagement Sessions!

I love a good engagement session. When we meet for the first time in the roles we’ll be playing on your wedding day, we have a good chance to interact more privately- you get to learn a bit about me and vice-versa… more than anything else, we get to learn how to work together.

When I’m photographing couples, I look for buttons to push to get the sort of reactions that inspire me. I may crack jokes, be self-deprecating, or hassle someone about not wanting to get their feet wet, but it’s all good-natured and designed to encourage you to relax with me. I frequently hear that my sessions were not only painless but fun, even from folks who really don’t like having their photos taken.

Josh and Kristen were fun- we started out with the standard shots (“look at each other, stand here, look that way, take her hand, etc) but I…

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