Wedding Photography

Every wedding has an abundant supply of beautiful moments. Some are universal (first looks and the kiss during the ceremony, for example). Other moments are unique and require a mixture of organization, skill, and flexibility to capture. One hallmark of a good wedding photographer is the ability to roll with the shifting moments, and (in doing so) find those gems that are meaningful to you personally- maybe it’s the way your grandparent watches your first dance, or your cousins laughing together at the bar. It could be your officiant’s reaction to the Cards Against Humanity™ games you’ve set out as wedding favors, or your niece having fallen asleep on the edge of the dance floor. Finding and recording those moments is my specialty!

Below is a selection of a bunch of photos from a few weddings- if you’re interested in booking me (or any specific photographer) make sure you look through an image gallery that shows a complete wedding, so you have a good feel for the end result from a real wedding day. If you already know details about your wedding (venue or venue type, color scheme, the size of your bridal party & guest list, etc) then I can show you a wedding that will give you a good representation of what to expect.

Click on any image below or one of the videos to the right to see some of my work.

Your wedding photography is incredibly important to me. I strive to find moments that will pull you back to this day, 10, 20, 30 or more years from now- rain clouds or sunlight, the smell of the roses or the dusty atmosphere in an old corn crib… I seek to catch it all!