dramatic portraiture in the beautiful southern Appalachian mountains 


 styled portrait sessions 


 things that make your day uniquely yours 


 beauty in situ 


 on the fly 


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 moments to remember 


Engagement Sessions

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t that comfortable with the idea of being photographed. Even those of us who are okay with it aren’t usually familiar with posing, or relaxing in front of…

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Wedding Photography

Every wedding has a supply of beautiful moments- for some moments, they’re universal (first looks and the kiss during the ceremony, for example). Other moments are unique and require a mixture of organization, skill,…

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Families and Portraits

As much as we may want things to stay the same forever, the reality is that our families are in a constant state of flux. Kids are getting older, growing up, pets come and…

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5 stars   5/5 stars
Fantastic! Great eye for the perfect shot, patient, kind, funny, helpful from the minute he arrives until he drives off into the sunset or…

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What I Do

I treat each wedding as a unique opportunity to showcase your personalities and relationship- my experience as a wedding photographer and the joy I find in every element of life inform my efforts to capture your day… take a look at this short video to learn a bit more about me (if the video below doesn’t show up, try this link):